Based on the popular TV show, this parody team event will see the big boss, Alan Cullem and his staff set your group a variety of tasks involving, sales, negotiating, presenting, working to a budget and bringing a product to market.
After each task there is a boardroom where Sir Alan will run the rule over the each teams work imparting his own often profound (or hilarious depending on your viewpoint) wisdom along the way. However, the results of each task won’t be revealed until the very last terrifying boardroom, when one by one, the teams are eliminated, finally revealing the victorious winners and new Team Apprentice.


Hotels / Offices / Conference facilities / corporate venue / sports facilities / function rooms / in fact anywhere we can set up a boardroom.


3 hours minimum, but is usually a half day or full day activity



• Additional Characters
• Event can be customised to suit your organisations Corporate Social Responsibility policy
• Event can include tasks that generate money for your chosen Charity



• 1 – 200 people
• Teambuilding
• Staff mixers and introductions
• Staff motivator
• Company Social day out

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