This is a fantastic and strategic team building activity chock full of competitive fun. Flags have long been used to communicate in challenging environments or show status. They’ve also been held in honour or sought as the trophies of conquerors and this ingenious team building event puts to task all of these uses.

Flags will be positioned around the designated town, city or country area and each team will also have a base for their own team’s flag.

To start, using a range of skills and knowledge shown to you by our expert staff, each team will have to identify, locate and capture as many flags as possible. You’ll have clues to start with, and we’ll even teach you the art of semaphore (communicating with flags) to aid you in your quest. Then you’ll be off in a race against time; solving clues, completing challenges and of course capturing those flags – do you go for as many as possible or go for goal and capture a rival team’s flag? Your teams strategy will be key!

During the event, Flags will be used as currency, communication tools, bargaining chips and trophies as your team competes to become the flag bearing victors.


  • We can start and finish this event in almost any venue or location, so talk to us about the many options



  • 2 – 3 hours. Event can be tailored longer or shorter to suit your schedule



  • Flags used can be branded with your company’s logo’s or messages
  • Stand alone communication challenge  event can be included



  • Team Building
  • Conference energiser
  • Staff mixer
  • Company day out
  • Icebreakers
  • Parties or celebrations
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