Your very own company talent show, but with a fantastic twist. As with the famous TV program, we’ll have 3 judges (played by professional actors) judging a talent extravaganza show, with you and your staff as the participants.

Pre event, we’ll organise workshops for your staff to complete, ranging from, Brazilian samba drumming, singing, dancing, magic, circus skills, comedy and more. We’ll put them into teams for each act and they’ll have to perform what they have learned at the show. People within your organisation can also enter in their own acts, so anyone can register to perform their own specific talents as part of the main show.

Our 3 judges, Simon Scowell, Sharon Osprey and of course ‘The Hoff’ (David Tasslehoff) will occupy the electronic buzz seats whilst judging, but the audience get a say too  – so as long as you don’t get three X’s during your performance, you’ll still have a chance to win the grand prize and be crowned the winners!

There’s no limit to the fun you can have with this event, we can even bring in ‘ringer’ acts to bolster the roster, adding some hi-jinx and controversy to all the fun!


  • Hotels function rooms / Nightclubs / Theatres / Conference Facilities / Corporate venues / Pubs & Bars / Your own venue or office / Any privately booked venue. Full event management service is included


  • We can tailor the event to suit you, but it works best around either a 4 hour,  half day or full day event (to facilitate talent training and workshops)


  • Video of the event
  • Additional set, lights and Audio Visual presentation
  • Additional acts and entertainers to bolster the roster
  • DJ to keep the party going after the main event


  • 10  –  1000,s of people
  • Social Occasions
  • Team building activity
  • Corporate event
  • Company activity or social event
  • Parties & Celebrations
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