The boss (played by a professional actor, unless your real boss volunteers that is?) has been kidnapped and been placed in a dastardly death trap somewhere in the city.

Each team is given a superpower, but like your boss, your superpower too has been neutralised –First you must retrieve your power by completing a series of challenges. But that alone will not be enough; a solitary superpower cannot win the day! You will need the help of the other teams and their superpowers in order to be a real hero!

Once each team’s superpower is unlocked, all teams will have to work with each other, combining different skills and superpowers, to succeed. Only certain powers can overcome certain obstacles or achieve certain objectives, so ‘lone wolves’ need not apply.

Ultimately though, you’ll have to locate the boss, deal with their abductor and rescue them from a terrible doom before it’s too late.

The clock is ticking – whether you fancy yourself as a Dark Knight or an Irish Avenger, you’ll have to work hard to take your place in a Company Of Heroes.


  • We can run this event from almost anywhere – Nightclub / hotel / pub / sports club / function room / corporate venue / Your own venue or office.


  • 2 hours or more depending on the size of then group. Event can be tailored to suit your schedule



  • Video clues and presentations to enhance the experience further
  • Video of the event with supplied DVD or movie file
  • Costumes



  • Groups of 8 – 1000 people
  • Social Night Out
  • Teambuilding
  • Conference energiser
  • Mixer & introduction
  • Icebreaker
  • Tour Groups & Group Events
  • Parties
  • Team Building exercises
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