This role-play event is a simulated Murder investigation with elements of Forensics, Evidence Gathering, Interrogation of witnesses and general crime solving. Teams will be pitted against each other in a race to find out who is behind this murder most foul!

After attending a fairly normal public meeting, one of the keynote speakers is assassinated. Chief inspector O’Really soon appears to commandeer your services and form you into a crack (or craic?) police squad (Yes, they are short staffed!)

He’ll walk you through the crime scene as you collect forensics and clues before training you in the latest investigation and interrogation methods

Using the clues they collect. Each team will have totrack down and interview associates of the deceased victim using a range of tried and trusted techniques – it’s up to you what methods you use and when to use them, but whether you play good cop or bad cop, each suspect can affect your case, divulging vital information or send you chasing a goose down the garden path with a red herring – so be careful out there!

Gather the evidence, put your case together and identify the motive and guilty party.


  • We can start and finish this event in almost any venue or location, so talk to us about the many options



  • 2 – 3 hours, but can be tailored longer or shorter to suit your schedule



  • Inclusion of Video evidence
  • Vehicle elements
  • Video of the event with supplied DVD or movie file



  • 4 – 300 people
  • Social event
  • Staff mixers and introductions
  • Team building activity
  • Company social night out
  • Conference energisers
  • Icebreakers
  • Parties or celebrations
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