A classic! This fantastic Murder Mystery is an incredibly fun event packed full of dastardly deeds, detectives and double crossing.

You’ll be immersed into a world where you get to play detective, delving into the criminal mind and eliminating the innocent (or in some cases, not so innocent) suspects.  Our Murder Mystery dinner (or lunch) is full of twists and turns and whether you are a Poirot or a Clouseau, you’ll have to be on your toes to solve the crime and pin-point the guilty party.

You will meet a host of brilliant characters during the event (played by our fantastic professional actors), they’ll befriend and interact with you, filling you in on some dubious backgrounds and casting suspicion on some of your fellow diners, but who is telling the truth?

This event works best over dinner (or lunch), and is fully interactive, we can even give your group questionnaires before the event writing you into the script for an even more customised experience.

We can even incorporate your company messages, products and branding into the event.

For an event experience you will never forget, look no further!


  • Restaurant / Hotel / Café / House / Function Room / Castle or anywhere that serves a sit down meal.



  • 2 hours over dinner. Half day, full day and weekend versions are available, ask us about these.



  • A theme of your choosing
  • Tailored script to suit you, your group, a product or message
  • Half day, Full day or weekend versions are available, please ask us about these.



  • 5 – 200 people
  • Social nights out
  • Parties
  • Team Building Activity
  • Staff mixers & introductions
  • Incentive packages
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