This fantastic, fully interactive and fun event will have your group working together as never before. Using rhythm games, our brilliant facilitator will teach the group basic beats before everyone gets a drum and the real fun begins.

Once ‘drummed up’ you’ll be assigned a section in the band. Each section carries a different rhythm, and it’s the working together to bring all the individual rythyms into one fantastic piece which brings the reward.

Team co-ordination and timing are key, and the end product is a full, amazing piece of Samba music complete with breaks and solo’s performed by you and your group.

You will be astonished at what can be achieved on your way to becoming a fully functioning, all drumming, (some dancing) and all cheering Samba band. Team Building just got groovy!

Food & drink can be organised before or after the event


  • We can work anywhere that allows a bit of noise! Function Rooms / Hotels / Corporate Venues / Pubs & bars / Sports Halls / Stadiums / Conference facilities / Specialist venues



  • Usually 1.5 – 2 hours, but can be tailored to suit your schedule.



  • A Full Samba band to accompany the group in the finale
  • Samba dancers to add that extra colour and flair
  • Samba set to aid the theme and atmosphere
  • Samba DJ for a final performance



  • Social Event
  • Staff mixers and introductions
  • Team Building Activity
  • Company Social night out
  • Conference energisers
  • Parties & celebrations
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