This fun energetic and fascinating game of strategy and planning brings a brand new twist to the traditional scavenger hunt. The principle of bingo applies, but this time its teams, a bingo card full of items rather than numbers and the urban sprawl of your nearest city.

Not only will you have to use your skills to locate the items on your own card, you’ll have gain a knowledge of each one too.

The two teams with the most items from their Urban Bingo card will then go into a short head to head quiz about the items they have collected to decide the winner.


  • We can run this event from almost any venue – Hotels / Function Rooms / Corporate Venues / Your Office / Pubs & Bars / Nightclubs / Sports Halls & Stadia



  • 1.5 – 2 hours. Event can be tailored longer or shorter to suit your schedule



  • Antique & Auction Challenge element
  • Video of the event and supplied DVD or movie file



  • 6 – 1000 people
  • Company social event
  • Team Building activity
  • Conference energisers
  • Motivational exercise


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