Team Building

Team building events are a fun unique way to deliver company messages, unearth hidden potential and stimulate and motivate your staff. They are designed to seek out and improve existing skills within individuals, whilst placing  emphasis on the ethic of teamwork. The simple key principle that working together in synergy towards the same goal achieves more. Team building

All our events are designed with Team Building in mind, and will –

  • Initialise and strengthen staff bonds
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve problem solving
  • Open the channels of creative thinking
  • Help define objectives and goals
  • Improve or unearth leadership qualities

Below is a list of our most popular Team Building events in various genre’s.

We have an amazing range of Treasure Hunts, to motivate, bond and challenge your organisation. They are all packed full of brilliant team building themes and infused with fun and creativity. We are also experts in designing Bespoke Treasure Hunts tailored specifically towards your individual organisation. Learn More HERE

One of our best sellers, and one of the most fun activities you can do. Teamwork is vital as you work together to lock in different rhythms to produce a full piece of Samba drumming music, complete with solos, breaks and a finale that has to be heard to believed. You’ll be amazed at what your capable of in becoming your very own Samba drumming band. Learn More HERE

Team building meets the popular TV series 24 (over less hours!!). This ingenious event uses mobile phone technology and a variety of code breaking skills in a race against time to save the world! You’ll have to work together to unlock secrets, decipher messages and locate signals in your quest – working under pressure, creative thinking and problem solving will all come into play in this thrilling adventure. More HERE

This incredible event, maintains the premise of Bingo, but instead of numbers and bingo cards, it’s objects and the nearest urban centre. Each team will be transported into the hidden depths of ingenuity in their quest to find some items and with a twist, they’ll be able to locate rival team items and trade them back! Throw in a quiz element on what you’ve found in an amazing finale and you have one of the best team building activities you can experience. More HERE

Can you solve the crime in time? Each team will have to examine a crime scene and collect forensics, clues and leads, track down and locate witnesses and suspects and use a variety of different techniques to extract information from them. You’ll then put your evidence and case together establishing, motive and opportunity. This is a superb event using strategy, communication and creative problem solving to succeed. More HERE

Fun with Flags! Flags have long been used as communication tools, for identification, demonstrate status and held as trophies for centuries. Your team will encounter all these uses as you race against your rivals to obtain a winning edge. This superb game of strategy will require a solid game plan, as you compete to locate and obtain flags of varying value in the locale. Each team must protect their own flags whilst obtaining their rivals to score points and you’ll have to use communication and code breaking to find them. Can you be the victorious company flag bearers? More HERE

A team building activity extravaganza – this in-company talent show will have you participating in a wide range of workshops, learning new skills and talents including, drumming, comedy, magic, dancing, circus tricks, singing and more! Teams will have to work together to perfect their act, before performing it front of our 3 no-nonsense judges! More HERE >

One of our landlords is missing, and with him, a game changing drinks formula for Ireland. With only a list of venues and coded notebook can you track down the ingredients and recipe before the grand unveiling? One way or another, you’ll have to unveil a product on the big day – will it be the winning formula or a recipe for disaster. More HERE >

The Generation game with a very fun, and very Irish twist! This Team building activity requires co-ordination, communication and the craic. Teams must learn and complete a variety of Irish set dances and compete in games against each other to be named champions. Learn More HERE

Team building in your very own Irish themed Olympics! Indoor or outdoor (or both). This fantastic event pits team against each other in a variety Irish themed events including favourites such as Ring Board, Giant Jenga, Speed drawing, Poc Fuda, inflatable challenges, spoon racing a general knowledge quiz and more. It all culminates in a fun podium prize giving for Bronze, Silver and Gold. Brilliant ‘Team building events Ireland’ Learn More HERE

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